Sensory Friendly Screenings!

Cinema in Comfort.

At Living Room Theaters, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy the magic of the movies. Our Sensory-Friendly Screenings are designed to create an inclusive and comfortable environment for all individuals with sensory issues and sensitivities. Join us every Thursday afternoon at 1pm!


  • Lowered Volume Levels: Enjoy the movie without the usual loud sound effects.
  • Lights Stay Up: The lights remain on at a dimmed level to provide a more comfortable viewing experience.

Upcoming Movies:

Here are the upcoming sensory-friendly movies—mark your calendars!

If you have any suggestions from our current movie schedule that you’d like to see featured in a sensory-friendly screening, please send us an email at

Come and enjoy your favorite films in a setting that caters to your needs. Whether you have sensory sensitivities or prefer a more relaxed movie-going experience, our Sensory-Friendly Screenings are perfect for you!

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