Immerse yourself in a truly unique viewing experience! Most people won’t get the opportunity to see the rare artworks so intimately.

About the Series

Every year more people visit art galleries than football stadiums. Rare collections result in queues longer than working days and museums keep their doors open into the wee, small hours to accommodate throngs of visitors. This monumental series takes you into the world’s biggest art exhibitions and on location to enjoy, marvel and delight at the stories and works of history’s greatest artists.

EXHIBITION ON SCREEN or EOS is a documentary series that explores the history behind works of art. Each episode focuses on a particular iconic piece, revealing the background that led to its creation and the incredible stories that followed it.

Experience Cinematic Masterpieces

Unmatched Access: Dive into rare collections that draw longer queues than any football match. Experience the masterpieces up close, far beyond what you’d see in a museum.

Expert Curation: Each episode is a meticulously crafted documentary, exploring the fascinating history behind each work of art. Learn about the artists, their inspiration, and the incredible stories that surround their masterpieces.

Comfort and Convenience: Enjoy these breathtaking exhibitions from the comfort of our theater’s plush seats. No need to travel or stand in long lines – we bring the art to you.

Intimate Viewing: See the art like never before. Our big screen ensures you won’t miss a single detail, with high-definition visuals and expert commentary enhancing your experience.

Art Brought to Life

Cameras capture the masterpieces in high definition, bringing galleries and exhibitions from around the world straight to the screen. Featured artwork includes Girl with a Pearl Earring at the Mauritshuis Museum in the Netherlands, and Rembrandt pieces at the National Gallery in London and at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

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