Mom Squad Matinees

A Parent’s Playdate.

Calling all parents! Get ready for an exclusive cinematic treat at Living Room Theaters with our Mom Squad Matinees. Join us every Wednesday at 1pm for a special screening, designed for parents seeking a baby-friendly escape. Watch new releases in a comfortable environment with good lighting, reduced volume, and other amenities. Experience the joy of cinema while bonding with fellow parents.

What to Expect:

  • Lowered volume levels
  • Breast feeding privacy area
  • Lights stay up during the movie
  • Baby changing space always available
  • OK to make noise and stay with infants
  • Standard Matinee pricing

Upcoming Movies

Here are the upcoming Mom Squad movies —mark your calendars!

If you have any suggestions from our current movie schedule that you’d like to see featured in a sensory-friendly screening, please send us an email at

June 26

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